Diagnosing TMJ Disorders / TMD - Wilmington, Spring

There are many different symptoms associated with TMJ disorders. Similarly, there are numerous causes of TMJ disorders. When it comes to diagnosing a TMD, it’s important for Dr. Raj Kulkarni to identify the root cause so that it can be treated. At our practice serving Wilmington, each TMJ disorder patient will undergo a comprehensive examination in order to devise the best possible treatment plan for his or her needs. Let’s look at how TMD is diagnosed so you understand the process.

X-Rays and Other Scans

One of the most important tools we have for diagnosing TMJ disorders are x-rays and scanning methods. These will allow us to examine the actual structures of the joints as well as the muscles and other parts of the skull. Muscle, bone, and cartilage all function together with the temporomandibular joint, so it’s important to look closely at these various structures and how they interact.

Comprehensive Dental Examination

Tooth alignment and jaw alignment are both critical to consider when diagnosing a TMJ disorder. At our Wilmington practice, you will undergo a comprehensive examination of the teeth, noting their position and the contact between the upper rows and lower rows. This can help identify if the cause of the TMJ disorder is related to tooth grinding (bruxism).

Evaluating Your Dental History and Medical History

In addition to the actual examination and scans, Dr. Kulkarni will also look at your dental history and medical history. This can help shed light on long-standing dental problems that did not get addressed or medical conditions that may be causing the TMJ disorder (e.g., arthritis, previous jaw injury, etc.).

Considering All of the Evidence

Dr. Kulkarni will engage in careful analysis of all the x-rays and findings in order to determine the best possible treatment for you and your needs. He will consider how the different structures of the head and neck interact, identify the root cause of the TMJ disorder, and then create a treatment plan just for you.

Schedule a TMJ Disorder Consultation in Wilmington

It’s important that you speak with Dr. Raj Kulkarni as soon as you notice any signs or symptoms of TMD. Doing so will prevent major dental health and general health issues down the line. If you would like more information about your treatment options, contact our Wilmington practice for a TMJ disorder consultation today. Our entire team looks forward to your visit and discussing how we can help you.