Dangers of TMJ Disorders / TMD - Wilmington, Spring

As with any dental health issue, it’s important for a TMJ disorder to be treated as soon as possible. This will prevent the problem from becoming worse, and treating TMD in its early stages is much easier. If you should notice any potential symptoms of a TMJ disorder, it’s important that you contact our Wilmington practice right away. Speaking with Dr. Raj Kulkarni as soon as possible means excellent treatment and a commitment to patient education as well. Here are just three dangers of allowing a TMJ disorder to go untreated.

Severe Jaw and Facial Pain

Many TMJ disorders are caused by tooth grinding (bruxism). This can place lots of stress on the joint, the muscles of the face and neck, and the teeth and gums. Not getting a TMJ disorder addressed early can lead to more severe pain and discomfort. In addition, arthritis is also a cause of TMJ disorders since it can lead to degeneration of the cartilage in the jaw area. There may be bone-on-bone contact in the jaw joint, resulting in severe pain when eating or even talking. Having your TMJ disorder addressed at our Wilmington practice early may help you address this problem without having to drastically modify your diet and lifestyle.

Lockjaw and Jaw Dislocation

For some people with TMJ disorders, they may experience lockjaw quite often. This can make it difficult to eat, speak, chew, or even yawn. There may also be an increased chance of the jaw becoming dislocated and poorly aligned as well.

Tooth Damage

Given the link between bruxism and TMJ disorders, patients may experience tooth damage as a result of grinding. This may mean minor chips and cracks on the teeth, but it can also result in major structural damage and compromised tooth strength as well.

Learn More About TMJ Disorders in Wilmington

Given all the risks and dangers related with TMD, you can see why it’s essential for people to undergo treatment as soon as possible. When you meet with Dr. Raj Kulkarni, he will use his years of experience to develop the best possible treatment plan for you and your needs. Please contact our Wilmington practice for TMJ disorder treatment today. Our entire team looks forward to your visit.