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Many people have heard of TMJ disorders before and know it as a clicking or popping of the jawOrthodontics Dayton Kulkarni Staff. Yet many people are not sure what it actually involves, the causes of TMJ disorders, or the dangers associated with the condition. Dr. Raj Kulkarni is committed to remedying the root cause of the problem and has helped numerous TMJ disorder patients throughout the Wilmington and Centerville area. Using his expertise and the latest diagnostic techniques, Dr. Kulkarni will eliminate the pain associated with the condition and enhance your overall quality of life.

TMJ Disorders are More Common Than You May Think

All of the structures of the skull and face are interconnected, which means that minor problems can lead to other more serious problems you would not expect. In fact, some of the causes of TMJ disorders involve more than just the jaw joint. Your tooth alignment, your facial muscles, your stress level, and even the posture and position of your head can all contribute to a TMJ disorder. Indeed, it’s a condition that is more common than you think.

There’s More to a TMJ Disorder than Popping and Pain

The symptoms of TMJ disorders are not just related to the jaw. Yes, clicking, popping, stiffness, and pain in the jaw are all common, but some patients also experience headaches, tooth aches, sore gums, ear pain, and even hearing problems. If untreated, there are a number of dangers related to TMJ disorders which can affect your dental health and general well-being. That’s why it’s imperative to visit our practice serving Wilmington for a TMJ consultation.

Get the Treatment You Need

Once your situation has been thoroughly Dayton Sprinboro Orthodontics Facilityevaluated, Dr. Kulkarni will devise a TMD treatment plan just for you. In some cases, basic TMJ disorder treatments such as bite splints and orthodontic care will be considered. For more severe cases, advanced TMJ disorder treatments will be applied, such as oral surgery and injection therapies.

Schedule a Consultation for TMJ Disorder Treatment in Wilmington

If you suffer from jaw pain, clicking, popping, or any other symptoms associated with a TMJ disorder, it’s important that you visit our practice as soon as possible. Dealing with the problem sooner rather than later makes for effective treatment and less potential problems down the road. To discuss your options in more detail, be sure to contact our Wilmington practice for TMJ disorder treatment today. Dr. Kulkarni and the entire team here look forward to seeing you in person.